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Ever heard of a window well cover? These covers act as a storm cover for your basement window and would prevent your window well from collapsing.

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The Architecture Of Modern Basements And The Concept Of Egress Windows

Ever wondered how a basement can be a living space too? Well, it can be one of those cozy rooms that you always dreamt of. The problems with a basement are its ventilation and available space. You can always widen the available space if you want but when it comes to ventilation, you seriously need a window. These windows installed in the basements are known as Egress windows. They have stairs or ladder inside it for the occupant to escape forming what is known as a window well. See various egress window wells and covers for sale.

Why Egress Windows?

These windows can be used for safety as well as they can be a means of escape in times of fire or theft. They can also help the firemen or cops in entering the house for rescue in times of emergency. And it is not always about the external disasters. It can be just, you who are locked in your house with no means of going out. In that case, you can use the Egress window. Be it the purpose of transforming your basement into a warm, cozy, inviting living space or using it for safety purpose; Egress windows can do it all! So isn’t it worth installing an Egress Window?